Our Mission

Call S2 Technologies was started to provide small and medium sized businesses with a technology partner who understands their needs, their goals and their strategies.  We are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the full benefit from their existing technology investments, and have the right set of technologies to support and protect them in the future.

Ensuring the stability and security of our clients’ systems from present and future threats.

Our Story

The name “Call S2 Technologies” is the notion that we hope our customers have whenever they need technology support, whether their questions are related to System Stability, Systems Support, Cyber Security, Strategy, or IT Projects.

And don’t worry, even though our name is Call S2 Technologies, you can also email us, text us, or Chat with us.

We look forward to working with you and your company and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Our Leadership Team

Many people ask us if S2 refers to our two founders Tony Skipper and Richard Stroud, the reality is it doesn’t, but it certainly fits with our last names.

Richard Stroud

Account Executive / Managing Partner

Richard has close to 30 years of experience in the IT consulting and contract staffing business. Richard has held numerous sales management and leadership roles throughout his career. Richard has always had an eye towards developing deep relationships with his clients and understanding the needs of each of his client’s businesses. Through this deep understanding Richard, and the teams he has led, have been able to develop solutions to meet his client’s IT project and staffing needs.

Tony Skipper

Chief Information Officer / Managing Partner

Tony has almost 30 years in the IT industry, with the first 20 in the Triad area of NC, the next 8 in NY/NJ and the last 3 years as a CIO in Japan for AIG (the largest foreign Property & Casualty insurer in Japan). Tony has managed thousands of staff, and has been responsible for IT budgets approaching $500 million. However, his focus has always been on ensuring a strong connection between business and technology.