Is your technology working for you, or are you working for your technology?

Technology is a big investment. We can help ensure yours is delivering.
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Call S2 Tech for all your technology needs and services.

Your business depends on its technology, just like your customers depend on you.  At Call S2 Technologies we focus on ensuring your technology is always there for you.

As a full service boutique IT firm, we will customize our services to fit your specific needs whether that is a comprehensive Managed Services Program (MSP) that covers all of your technology needs or a single focused solution for your problem.

A partial list of our services is shown below.  We would look forward to partnering with you to ensure your continued success.

Our Service Offerings

Managed IT Solutions. Our team of engineers utilize the latest technologies to ensure your systems are always up and available.  We provide on-site and remote support as well as 24 * 7 monitoring to ensure your environment is stable and secure.

Cybersecurity Solutions. In Today’s environment as a business owner you know you need to focus on cybersecurity and the on-going threats to your business.

Network Monitoring & Maintenance.  Your network is the heart of your business and down time means lost revenue.  At Call S2 we employ the latest technology to ensure your network environment stays patched for the latest security updates and firewall rules and VPN policies are up to date as needed to keep your IT environment safe.  

Remote Workforce Implementation.  Many businesses in 2020 have had to accelerate their adoption of remote workforce solutions. Trust our engineers to implement the latest processes and technology to ensure your remote workforce stays both productive and your systems secure. 

Microsoft 365 Administration. More and more companies are embracing the benefits of a cloud- enabled Microsoft Office Experience.  Our architects and engineers will evaluate your current needs and develop a migration plan for your business. 

Cloud Backup & Recovery.  Are you sure your data is protected from physical security threats as well as ransomware and malware issues that can hit your on-premise backup solution?  Our Cloud hosted solutions isolate and protect your critical data from those threats. 

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Technical Advisory Services / Virtual CIO (vCIO). No matter how big or small your company is, you should have someone help you align your goals and objectives with your technology spend.  Work with our seasoned advisory team to drive alignment of what you spend on IT services and technologies to your firm’s particular goals and objectives. 

Cloud Hosted PBX. Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your employees, especially those that may be working remotely?  Our close hosted PBX solution allows you and your IT team to remain focused on strategic initiatives that help drive growth and stability for your business. 

Technology Projects. Do you need some assistance with projects that you and your existing team have not been able to execute on?  Call S2 Technologies provides staffing services for project-based work as well.